Thursday, July 24, 2014

June in purchases

In June I got 5 Beyer knitting magazines for 2 € each, dress clips (that are missing some of the stones, which wasn´t mentioned by the seller, but I don´t complain. They are soooo pretty and shiny :)) for 9 € and old photos. Lots of old photos. I got one album in the first auction and a big lot of pictures in the second. The album is okay, nothing that makes me scream Hooray, but the box of pictures was full of little treasures that made me a veeeery happy girl. Just look at the cabinet cards! I actually didn´t know exactly what I was bidding on, both auctions had nearly no pictures. Same goes for the magazines, I´m only keeping them because they feature nice clothing for little M.
All in all I didn´t even spend 40 €, I think. In my book that´s a success.

How do you handle badly described ebay items? I didn´t rate the seller yet as I have no idea what to write.

1 comment:

  1. What a marvelous haul of vintage photographs. It's a resplendent joy to squire lots more "found relatives" like that (and for such a bargain to boot!).

    ♥ Jessica