Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: January 2014

Welcome to the first GGG of the year. It´s the nursery edition. Because it´s pretty much everything I have thrifted lately. So, here we go.

The one on the left. The other one is made by me.
Happy little fish, all at peace with being eaten by an otter.
Actually it wasn´t me who found this, but the Mr. We were at an indoor flea market and I was completely focused on the cheap jackets the seller had as I needed something to cover my belly. But he saw it and knew I´d love it. Because mid century style illustrated otter. And it was only 2€. It just had to come home with us.

And here´s the second find that already moved in with us in September:

It was love at first sight and we got it for 4€ after lots of talking and lash-winking and damn-I-want-this-so-badly.

So, yeah, that´s what I´ve got to share this time. Check out all the other GGGs here.


  1. Ach wie niedlich :) - ich gratuliere und wünsche Dir und Deinem Kind ganz viel Gesundheit und nur das Beste!

  2. oh, das otter-bild ist ja ganz entzückend!
    die hampel ente habe ich -glaube ich- auch mal besessen ... die kommt mir so bekannt vor ...

  3. That otter print is so, so fabulously cute! Otters are one of my all-time favourite animals. What a fun piece to brighten your new child's world with.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wunderbar, der Otter hätte bei mir auch einziehen dürfen. Die Illustration ist wirklich allerliebst.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Der kleien freche Otter ist wirklich nett, und passt super in ein Babyzimmer. Ich hab deinen Blog erst entdeckt und find ihn wirklich schön.