Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dressing up for a baptism

Look who´s back! After more than 2 months of being a bit unter the weather, the stress of moving and not having any internet connection (Oh, the horror!) I can now finally report that we have the internetz in our new appartment. Not that it was unbearable, I actually read a lot of books which was nice, but I missed bloggerland and browsing ebay and such things. I even unpacked some of the boxes out of pure boredom ;) There´s still enough of them left, though, as not all furniture is standing at it´s final place yet. But we already have most of the living room done so that´s what you see in the following pictures. I´ll make a separate post about our new old furniture as soon as everything´s done, because it´s furniture with a story worth telling.

But now about the baptism outfit. It was my first baptism and I can say with all honesty that it was horrible. First we were late and I forgot the lipstick. And then there was church. Even people that attended more than the 3 church services I went through in life admitted that it was one of their most boring service experiences. Add the fact that I felt miserable, cold and needed a toilet really badly and you get an idea of how much fun I had. But at least, and here´s the positive note, I got a lot of compliments for the dress. I actually had it on my to-sell-list for months now but as I´m going through some fitting issues lately this one came to the rescue. I still consider selling it though, because we just don´t seem to fit perfectly, no matter what. My hair is also a horrible mess at the moment (can´t decide for a new colour) so I put a hat on to hide the massive roots. It worked out ok I think. Here´s the details:

Dress with Bolero: flea market
Hat: flea market
Jewellery: thrift shops
Shoes: Forever 18 (I think)

I did a little math. The whole outfit cost me not more than 20 € including shoes. I´d like to call this a success.


This picture comes with a quote from the photographer:
"My crooked pictures somehow always look best!" Yeah, well...

In the afternoon the real party took place at a bbq station in the woods and while I had changed the outfit to something forest appropriate (I might have looked like a lumberjack...) I didn´t change the shoes. And I didn´t take a jacket with me. Baaaaaaad mistake. Because when we arrived it started raining cats and dogs. And it kept raining, and raining, and raining. Let´s just say it wasn´t the best of days but at least I had some delicious cheese cake. All praise the cheesecake!

I hope your last 2,5 months were great, ladies! :)


  1. I love the emerald green velvet number, it is beautiful!

  2. this dress such a fantastic find - the hat too. i really love the dark green velvet combo. personally i would remove the rose on the bottom of the skirt. you look great!

  3. What an elegantly gorgeous dress! I love that deep, jewel tone shade of green, it's so interesting and eye-catching, in the best kind of stylish way.

    Welcome back, honey - I've missed you and your posts.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. oh i have to admit i love velvet generally so much but this velvet dress here is especially beautiful! you have impeccable taste! what a luck for me to find your blog!
    love and kiss,mary