Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh, Kleidermarkt, I love you

In my last post I mentioned that me and my friend were shopping at the "Garage" who is part of the Kleidermarkt stores and so amazing that I´m glad not to live close to one because it would ruin me forever. Just in case I haven´t made it clear enough before: If you are in Berlin, don´t miss it.
I spent nearly 80 € and here´s what I got:

The dress is missing some insert-collar-blouse-like-thingy
(I really have no idea what it´s called in english...) but it was love
at first sight. Also has the original belt. 19,99 €, nearly perfect condition.
Can´t complain about that, right?

I´m not sure when exactly this was made, somewhere between
the 70s and the 90s guessing from its Union Made label, but it reminded
me of Tashas Victory jacket AND it´s bright red. How could I not? I found
this in the pay-per-kilo-section.

Needs to be shortened but looks niiiiice with slacks.

And then I accidentally bought a vintage Hugo Boss jacket
for 17,99 €.

And here is my favorite. This thing fits like a glove
and is in perfect condition. 19,99 € as well.

Looking at the last dress I wonder if it is inpropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding? I´m invited as a guest to a wedding in autumn and while I plan to sew something colourful for the occasion I know that I´m the slowest seamstress and there is a chance that I won´t have anything nice to wear otherwise. So I´m asking you, is a black dress acceptable for a wedding?

In other news I´m doing things with my hair. Things that need patience. Here´s a quick preview:

I´m working on an all colour head. And I´m so looking forward to the day when it´s finally just one colour, not 50 shades of blue-green-grey-black. Getting rid of nearly 10 years of dark dye is no fun... But I already had people ask me how in the world I managed to get such a great blue-green gradient. Hah, little do I know. But it´s all in one bottle of blue dye :)
The hairstyle is based on Tashas famous back role with a scarf. And now I mentioned her twice in one post and can officially confess that I´m a fan.

That´s all, Folks!


  1. Oh ganz tolle Funde! Die rotrote Jacke gefällt mir auch sehr gut und kann ich mir kombiniert sehr gut im Look der 40er vorstellen!

    Und nein, ich finde, dass einfaches Schwarz auf einer Hochzeit nicht geht - eventuell kannst Du mit farbigen Accessoires noch was rausholen, aber das müsste man dann so im Einzelfall entscheiden ;)

    1. Hmnja, is halt schwierig. Ich hab nicht sonderlich viel farbiges, dass dazu passsen würde. Sogar alle Hüte, die ich dazu tragen würde, sind schwarz. Deswegen hab ich da auch Bedenken, dass es sofort in nen Beerdigungslook ausartet. Ich hab ja zum Glück noch ein paar Monate.

  2. Die Hugo Boss Jacke ist ja mal cool. Die hätte ich auch genommen :-)
    Ich persönlich finde ja, dass schwarz immer geht, würde das Kleid aber auch mit ein paar Accessoires tunen.

    1. Ja, die Jacke is n Knaller. Ich seh mich jetzt schon im Winter damit durch den Wald stapfen! :)

  3. Fabulous finds - that's quite the haul for just 80 euros - wonderful shopping, dear gal.

    Love your resplendently pretty hair bloom - it's the perfect accessory as we kick off summer again this week.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you dear girl! To bad summer has left us again already, isn´t it? I hope he makes a come back.