Friday, May 17, 2013

Not very classy

Or, to be true, not classy at all. And not vintage either (there, I warned you!):

This outfit is missing a pair of ankle-high
white sneakers.

Every time I try to get a decent picture of myself for this blog I end up with stuff like this. There´s a serious lack of self control and earnestness going on as soon as someone points a camera at me. Uncontrolled moves, funky faces, the whole thing. 95 % outtakes, 100 % ridiculous fun.
That said, this is my heavily 80s metal inspired It´s-the-Mr.s-birthday-outfit from last friday. One doesn´t wear fancy dress at a metal concert and that´s exactly where we were. So I used the occasion to go back to the roots and resuscitated some of my old jewellery. Back in the days (10 years ago, holy dodo!) people thought I was the strangest kid in class and now I share a bus with so called fashionistas wearing more studded stuff than even the 16 year old me would have considered acceptable. The fashion world is a strange one. The shirt is an old one from the Mr.s collection, all worn, faded and with holes (one could say vintage. Just kidding.), that I modified a bit. As I said, the outfit is clearly missing a pair of white sneakers. And a leather jacket. But I won´t buy one now. I´ll wait till the rock-/metalfashion-hype is over and everybody wants to get rid of their fake leather biker jackets to jump on the next hype. Can´t wait for it. (Until then I´m gonna modify an old denim jacket of mine. Patches and all.)
Last but not least I want to share with you my fashion inspiration. 1980s Metallica, the coolest Metallica out there:

Look at these boys with their skinny legs in
tight jeans. I wish I could pull that off.

I´ll so copy that look of Hetfield (2nd from left) one day! (sans hair)
Btw, while going through dozens of pictures of the 80s metallica boys men I also found out that making faces is an absolutely acceptable behavior.

I promise I´ll be back to vintage with the next post ;). But I salute you that you made it to the end of the post!


  1. Rock on, honey, rock on - one has to have fun and pay tribute to the the music they love sometimes.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Fancy dress + Metal show = NO WAY!

  3. wunderbar .... vielleicht trage ich zu meinem letzten arbeitstag am mittwoch doch keinen großen petticoat, sondern mein motörhead t-shirt. das erwartet meiner dort ;) du hast mich inspitiert.

    1. Tu es! Am letzten Arbeitstag hat man ja eh nix mehr zu verlieren ;)

  4. aaah, jetze sehe ich erst das ober coole tee von cliff burton, wie gern ich das meinem männe aus dem bild popeln würde ...