Monday, April 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: March

And again it´s the first of the month. I hope noone fooled you today? I nearly was when I read about a newly discovered species in Great Britain. But then one HAS to wonder how something like a rabbit sized mammal species should go unseen in a highly populated european area. Seriously. But they nearly got me. Anyway, here´s my favorite find of last month:

It´s spring-cleaning day, no need for make-up n stuff ;)
I found it in a thrift shop after the seller told me that "all clothing costs 1 €, except for coats and jackets." Now technically I would call this some sort of jacket. And even if not. It´s got real fur, a fur brooch and it´s obviously not something off the rack from 10 years ago. And it was in the not-so-messy area of the shop. So I didn´t expect to get it for the mentioned Euro. But, dear reader you might have guessed it already, I did. I tried not to grin to much when I payed. I love me some black velvet, oh yeah!
I´m still ambivalent about the fur detail (on the other hand I love the look of vintage fur and don´t mind other people wearing it at all) so maybe I´ll remove it at some point to see how it looks without. But the biggest challenge is the dating. My first thought was late 40s because of the shoulder area and the seams, but the buttons irritate me. (Not to mention that mink doesn´t seem to be the usual thing for post-war Germany.) So maybe someone can proof me right or wrong based on the detail pictures? Maybe the fur was added later?

small shoulder pads

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  1. Whatever date it comes from, it's certainly a beauty! Well done for finding it. It could well be 1940s with later alterations (added fur, new buttons) or maybe the first half of the 1950s. It looks hand made that's for certain- that's a lot of hand overcasting on the seams!

    1. It was made by a patient seamstress, that´s for sure :)

  2. Wow! Die Jacke ist ja wie für Dich gemacht und sitzt hervorragend. Tatsächlich würde ich auch auf Nachbesserungen tippen, denn der Schnitt sieht mir sehr nach den späten 40ern aus. Die Nerzbroschen kamen meiner Meinung nach aber eher in den 50ern bis 60ern richtig groß raus. Ist wirklich kniffelig mit dem Datum..

    Aber das unterdrückte Grinsen bei so einem echten Schnäppchen ist wirklich etwas ganz wundervolles - da wäre ich gern dabei gewesen ;)

    1. Das mit der Brosche hatte ich auch gedacht. Ich lege es einfach in der Schublade Frankenstein ab und freu mich ;)

  3. tolles jäckchen. späte 40s- frühe 50s ... und das bei dem preis. steal of the month!

  4. Hello :)

    Congratulations for this bargain.
    Since you can not complain.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Greetings from Darmstadt
    Björn :)

  5. What a splendidly elegant, beautiful find! I think I would have nearly fainted dead away on the spot if I unearthed something that magnificent while thrifting. Thank you for sharing your new treasure with us, I just love it!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. That jacket is gorgeous. I can't believe you got it for one euro.