Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thrifted in march

It´s not the first of the month yet but I decided to leave the triple-G-post to a very special find I made the other day. So here´s for now a summary of the nice little bargains I made laste month.

Black velvet belt with brooch. 1€.

Hand-sewn house coat, late 50s to early 60s I guess. 1 €.
Sadly I had to realize that it smells really funky (as in "Holy
crap!") when I took it out of the anti-moth-bag yesterday. Didn´t
notice it in the shop and couldn´t get rid of it after a handwash.
Solutions, anyone?

1,50 €.

Christmas tree jewellery, 1,50 €.

1,50 €

1,50 €.

For the collection. 1,50 € altogether.

1 € each.

The Mr. fought hard to get this one cheaper, but in the end I got
it for 15 € and had a good laugh at the silly conversation between
the old dude selling it and the Mr.

1 €.
I also got a skirt for 1 €, two noir crime books for 1 € each, a 1930s photo album and this one very special find that I will share on April 1st.
What I didn´t buy was the most amazing photo album containing great portraits from the early 20th century on. It was 50 €, so completely out of my budget, but I still want it so badly. I also didn´t buy a 1940s British battle jacket, mostly because I found it to be much to expensive considering all the threads sticking out. The seller wanted 50 € for it and I figured I might have a pattern for something similiar somewhere. So, yeah, that was march in purchases.


  1. Hast Du nicht langsam zu viele Hüte? Ich hab' da noch ein bisschen Platz! :)

    Der Hausmantel hat ein tolles Muster. Leider habe ich keinen echten Tipp - eventuell ein spezielles Waschmittel?

    1. Zu viele Hüte? Was? Wie? Sowas gibts? Ich muss lediglich an meinem Aufbewahrungssystem arbeiten (aka mehr Nägel in die Wand hauen). Dann ist da noch Luft nach oben ;)

      Ich hab mich noch nicht getraut, dem Hausmantel ne ordentliche Tour in der Maschine zu geben. Hab ihn nur einmal im Handwaschprogramm mit Hygienespüler durchgejagt und das hat eben überhaupt nix gebracht (ausser der Erkenntnis, dass er nass nach inkontinenter Katze riecht...). Zur Zeit hängt er jedenfalls zum trocknen und ausstinken auf dem Balkon. Hab grad nochmal ein bischen gegoogelt. Ich werde die Tage mal Soda probieren. Und wenn das nix bringt Essig. Wird wohl nix schaden.

  2. The house coat is gorgeous! I found one myself a little while ago and I just put it in the washing machine. If the smell at this point is unbearable, you have little to loose and mine responded very well to the machine wash!

  3. Such immensely lovely finds! The floral brooch and photographs are my very favourites (don't you adore it when new "found relatives" come home to live with you?).

    Wishing you a beautiful start of April!
    ♥ Jessica