Monday, November 5, 2012

Rouge by Dita von Teese

Some weeks ago I read about the new perfume by Dita von Teese, "Rouge", coming to stores later this year. I didn´t remember the date, I was quite sure it would pop up everywhere around christmas. Well, it happened this morning that I ran out of perfume. I´ve been using her first scent nearly every day since I started working in a place with other people in August. I love it, I really do. So I found myself standing in the drugstore this afternoon, thinking about whether to buy the small bottle or the big one when I noticed that, surprise surprise, it´s there. Rouge.

source: Dita von Teese

Rawr, how that sounds! I have to admit that I had high expectations so, without further thinking, I grabbed the bottle and gave my wrists a nice little shower. And then ... I wrinkled my nose. That was not what I expected. Rouge starts as a very warm, very heavy, rich, seductive smell with a vintage (read: old ladyish) note. It produces images of velvet (red, indeed), huge pillows, tasseled curtains, dimmed light and even a 19th century high class prostitute in the center of it all, Hollywood style. That´s not a bad thing, really! At that point I thought my review would sound as follows: "Perfect for that special night when you want to lay someone in style!" Of course I didn´t buy it. It´s nothing I´d wear at work and that touch of old lady annoyed me. So I thought. I went on doing my grocery shopping, sniffing my wrist again and again and again. One hour later the old lady had disappeared and made space for an autumnal, woody note and spices that reminded me of christmas. At that point it slowly started to grow on me. And I kept sniffing and sniffing. It´s been nearly 4 hours now and I´m still sniffing. I already have a slight headache and am a bit dizzy. And I love it. I love the warm scent and the spicy tones. It´s totally addictive. It still feels a bit you´re trying to lay someone, but with class. It´s still velvet, but not as a bed sheet. It´s a fancy red dress. It´s a Film Noir, filled in beautiful red flacons. Something Raymond Chandler would have written a whole page about. And yes, I will buy it. Not as my everyday scent, I´ll stick with Ditas debut for that purpose, but for those days when I feel a little more "Rawr!".


  1. Klingt interessant :-) Mal sehen wie meine Nase das findet!

  2. What a poetically lovely description of what this new scent is like. I really tend to prefer spicy, heady, vanilla tobacco inspired scents, and sense I would rather enjoy Dita's latest release, too, based on how you portrayed it here. I'll certainly be checking for it the next time I'm near a perfume counter.

    ♥ Jessica