Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last weeks purchases

Rain and grey skies just don´t make the right weather for a successful flea market weekend. But I managed to spend some money over the last days anyway. With a little help from ebay.



1€ each, the 4 on the left were a lucky find on ebay.
The magazines contain some very nice knitting for winter, maybe I find the time to make one or two pieces. I´ll report :)

That´s all, Folks!


  1. I love cozy hats in the winter and the magazines look fabulous! I'm working on a white version of the 1940's bobble jumper right now. Can't wait to finish so I can find a new pattern! Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Great finds, those hats are amaaaazing! How cheap as well...

  3. What wonderfully lovely finds! I've always adored hats with flowers or other embellishments nestled under the brim, too.

    ♥ Jessica