Saturday, November 10, 2012

I´ll be right back

... as soon as I have a new computer. Today mine had it´s big and final breakdown. I don´t want to put all my stuff on the Mr.s PC (from which I´m writing right now), so I´ll take a little break from blogging until I found a hopefully inexpensive solution :(

That´s all, Folks!

P.S.: A big f*** you to Acer for selling crap!


  1. Poor you! "Once you go MAC, you never go back"...same for PC and make up;-)

  2. Oh dear, sweet Katrin, I'm very sorry that you have to contend with this. There's few things as unpleasant in this day and age as experiencing a computer give up the ghost (been there before, too!). Fingers firmly crossed that a new computer comes your way really soon.

    ♥ Jessica