Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I´m not lazy

...just terribly busy. Really! I can proof!

Can you believe it´s been one month since the dirndl picture load? Oh my. So many things have gotten in my way since then. The exhibition, the Frankfurt book fair (I got compliments on my hair but didn´t take a single picture, d´oh!), work, knitting, an annoying cold and a computer that crashed 3(!) times within one month. What the hell, computer? What´s wrong with you? Right now I have the basics set up once again and hope that I´ll go through November without another crash. I have to, because I´m scanning a bunch of winter outfit inspirations for you ladies (again) and I will not do that a 3rd time. Seriously...
But until I´m done with scanning here´s what I´m knitting at the moment:

The pattern comes from Constanze Strickmoden Nr. 3. I´m only making the hat because I have another scarf flying around that has to be finished and is made from the same yarn. And as I´m the slowest knitter in the whole universe I´ve already been working on this hat for weeks. I wish there was some sort of "ctrl+c, ctrl+v" for knitting...

That´s all, Folks!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful cold weather inspiration. Matching (or closely complimentary) vintage scarves and hats are such an elegant way to help make the winter months extra fashionable.

    Wishing you much serenity & happiness in November,
    ♥ Jessica