Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flea market sunday

2 colouring books in their original packaging, 1,50€

10€, some seams need to be repaired.

fabric 3€, buttons and buckles 6€ altogether

Frohne pantograph and patterns, 8€
All in all it was a complete success. I got everything I had hoped to find (old childrens books, sewing supplies, something to wear) and something I had been looking for forever before I bought the huge collection of patterns: the Frohne pantograph and accompanying patterns from the 50s. But when I saw it on the sellers table I wasn´t as excited as I thought I´d be. The price I paid was ridiculously low compared to what you pay on the internet, which is why I took it with me in the end, but none of the patters makes me drool. I even thought about leaving it behind. Maybe it´s right what they say: Things come to those who wait. Now I hope the same happens with a 40s edition of the Golden Rule.
(For those who don´t know what Frohne is: The system is similar to the Golden Rule. The patterns are given as miniatures and with the pantograph you enlarge it to your measurements.)

I hope there´s enough fabric for a cape! It´d go perfectly with the hat.

What I didn´t buy was a super cute 40s dress with a completely adjustable waist (maternity wear maybe?), loads and loads of hats and an awesome pair of 50s yellow translucent spectacle frames because they were much to small. I would have loved to own these.

I hope you all had a great weekend! :)


  1. Amazing purchases! I agree, a cape in that red and black fabric would be divine! x

  2. Boah, mit dem Frohnezeichner hast ja echt ein Schnäppchen gemacht, genial!

  3. Love flea markets!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can find so many incredible things that you don't even need... but have to buy....
    This fabric will make a stunning dress.
    Here are my finds last sunday:

  4. My word that chic feather adorned hat is so tremendously lovely. Even if it needed a ton of work, I would have swooped down on it in a heartbeat, too.

    ♥ Jessica