Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally back among the living

Hm, seems like I didn´t blog for 3 weeks. Why? Because there was this big thing happening yesterday night and I had to prepare so much stuff that I felt like a zombie on some days. In my last post I mentionen that I´m part of a group exhibition and yesterday evening was vernissage evening. It was great, a lot of people showed up and it was so nice to watch them while they were looking at my work. I love when it makes people smile! There even was a lot of mobile phone camera action involved.
So, what did I wear to this fabulous event full of glamour, you might ask? Well, back in June I had talked about this dress on the blog:

It was nearly done but then I put it aside because I wasn´t satisfied with the whole thing (cryptic instructions and my non existing experience...). Two or three weeks ago I put it on again and decided that it wasn´t that bad at all and that I should at least finish it. But I was convinced that I´d never ever make another version with nicer fabric. Well, long story short, I finished it, dyed it black (it´s the same orangy fabric I used for my last two projects), put it on and loved it. Even the Mr. loved it (also, but not exclusively, for two obvious reasons). It´s still far from perfect but I´ll def wear it again. And I´ll sew it again. Next year.

Me in front of my own work, stone-cold sober
but giggling.

You are the dancing queen
young and sweet
only sevent...twentyseven...*sing*

Still stone-cold sober.
The shoes are from Deichmann and
were a christmas gift from the Mr. in 2008.

The belt is a recent gift from a colleague and I love it.
So, even though I look pretty drunk in most of these pictures I can assure you that all I drank was water. I might have been a bit drunk with happiness and pride, though! Also, we show our work in the cellar of an old fortress and it was hot like a finnish sauna because of all the people.


  1. Oh du siehst toll aus! Ein sehr schönes Kleid an einer sehr sympathischen Frau :-)
    Es ist doch echt noch gut gelungen, also ich würde das auch auf jeden Fall anziehen!

    1. Danke schön, bin doch glatt ein bischen rot geworden :)

  2. How wonderfully exciting for you - happiest congrats on your showing. I adore everything about your outfit, from the seamed stockings to the glittering gold belt. Marvelous look!

    ♥ Jessica