Sunday, August 19, 2012

To hot to party

The weather, I mean. It´s my birthday today, but I didn´t do anything special. Had breakfast with some of the family and then went on to a bbq with the Mr.s fottball team. Totally unspectacular. Just the way I like it. If only it wouldn´t be so darn hot outside. I didn´t quite know what to wear, so I went with something that had proven heat appropriate earlier this summer.

Oh the glory of a crappy mobile photo. The shirt´s new, the skirt was made by me. It´s not as long as it looks, ca. mid-calf. I found out that the best thing for ridiculous heat is a circle skirt. Hides the thighs, hides the knees and still feels a bit like being nakkid around the legs. So airy. The bangles are vintage and so are the parrot earrings (the red stain on my neck ;)). The bag´s the same as every time. The hair´s a mess.

But although I didn´t party I want to leave you with a few party pictures.

And always remember, there´s a lot more vintage photos of everyday people on my tumblr.


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