Friday, August 3, 2012

Enough patterns for a lifetime?

As I mentioned before, during the holidays I did a little bit of shopping on the bay. The first package (a little less than 1kg) had been in the mail when we returned home on tuesday. And yesterday the last purchase arrived, the 2.5kg pattern package. I love it. There´s so many beautiful outfits I NEED to sew some day. Of course I´ll scan as much as possible to share with you, but many of the magazines that were included in the package have seen much better days. But they can still be used as an inspiration, I guess.

The "small" package, containing one "Der neue Schnitt",
one complete and one incomplete "Elsa", various Brigitte-
patterns and some things I might sell.

2.5kg of patterns and magazines, containing several complete
issues of "Praktische Damen- und Kindermode", a Dirndl-
magazine and loads of 40s patterns from diverse magazines.

I had to reorganize all my patterns because of that and thought I´d share my collection as it looks now:

Somebody, I won´t name him but he bid on the 2.5kg for me and with that supported my addiction, looked at the paper tower and said that this should be enough patterns for one lifetime. While I´m not sure about that (you never know what science is up to!) I have to agree that it´s quite a lot and I sorted a few things out that I don´t feel to attracted to and that I´m going to sell. After all 4 or 5 magazines and a few pattern sheets. It´s not like I´m a pattern horder or something...

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