Monday, July 9, 2012

The knitted blanket

Many moons ago, around February I think, I started to knit the following blanket for the back then guitar pick sized baby of my cousin (due in August).

click for the direct link to the pattern

I went with a creamy white colour like used in the original picture as it´s neutral (the parents-to-be don´t want to know whether it´s gonna be a boy or a girl) and looks very classy. The knitting was fun and easy and could be done while watching tv. Perfect for a beginner like me. I had to change the needle size though, as the test piece turned out much to loose for my liking. I used 3.5mm needles instead of 4.5. The yarn I used was cheap stuff called "Big Lisa" that I had flying around. The quality was ok for the price, there were some annoying knots in it. But it feels super soft and fluffy now that it´s knitted up and washed. Now all I have to do is wrap it up as a little present and remember to take it with me when we head to the coast. That might be the hardest task...

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