Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holiday pictures, the second

More pictures, this time featuring fields, cows and other critters. And an outfit, me made :)

Last sunday was the first warm and sunny day, so the Mr. decided it was time for a bicycle tour through the fields. We saw more cows than people, which is always a nice thing in my eyes. And in the evening I might have made a bargain on ebay, I´ll find out as soon as we return home (but I´m excited already!).

On tuesday we went to the zoo, mainly because the Mr. wanted to see seals. Oh, the disappointment when we saw that all but one seal were locked away because they were soon to give birth. Instead we watched the sea lions being fed.

After the sea lions we went to see the otters, some of my favorites in the zoo, followed by lions and meerkats.

Don´t worry, he´s just yawning.
And here´s what I wore to the zoo. Pictures taken by the Mr. himself. He´s improving his skills!
Strange posing for beginners.
I made the dress after this pattern.

I bought the wedges during the holidays.
They were 10€, are super cute, seemed to
be comfortable and turned the bottoms of
my feet into huge blisters within two hours.
I didn´t go anywhere for two days after that ;)

I had to take a ride on the grass hopper!
All in all, the zoo was an experience. I took some nice pictures, we also had fun, but there was also a lot of pain involved. Sunburnt skin, aching feet (not only mine) and a tram that collided with a car. We were happy to be back home, I can tell you :)

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time that Meerkat looks hilarious!
    Love the dress you've made, it is wonderful and your shoes are gorgeous, shame about them being blister makers, most of my favorite shoes can only be worn for a little while before hurting, its not fair :( xx