Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holiday pictures, the last

It´s nearly done, no more holiday pictures after this post ;) But this is a short one. On our last day we had a look at a church that is no longer used as such but as a kind of gallery for all kinds of art. The church was heavily damaged and robbed during and after WWII and never fully restored. So it´s got it´s very own rotten charme. The weather was rubbish, so my outfit was all about functionality.

Everything I wear is new except the scarf and one of the bangles. I bought the jacket during the holidays, mostly because it matches the colours of the Mr.s football team and even the G is correct. Couldn´t have gotten cheaper fan wear ;). All outfit pictures were again taken by the Mr. himself. I told you he´s improving!

We came back home today and in my mailbox I found a big envelope filled with patterns and magazines I won on ebay for the mere price of 8€. It contains an amazing issue of "Der neue Schnitt" (that alone is worth the price!), two issues of "Elsa" and a few more pattern sheets that once were part of several issues of "Brigitte". I´m pleased. But there´s more to come. The Mr., in all his sweetness, won ca. 2.5kg (yes, you read that right!) of pattern sheets and magazines from the 40s for me. I just wanted to see the final bid on the auction, but he decided that it was okay to pay ridiculously high 8€. Because, after all, I had gotten nearly one kg of patterns for the same price just one week before and it would be even cooler to get more than twice the amount for the same money. He bit and, I couldn´t believe it myself, won. So now I´m waiting for 2.5kg of 40s sewing patterns. I don´t know if I´m able to handle the excitement...


  1. Love your practical outfit! and wow what a super bargain, your Mr Obviously knows you really well, I look forward to seeing what you got ! x

  2. Congrats!...2.5kg...that´s a lot of sewing :-)

  3. @Wendy He does. He always rolls his eyes when I bring home something old but he accepts my strange hobby ;)

    @Susan Thank you! It really is.