Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holiday pictures, the first

The first week of our holiday trip is over and I tought that it´d be nice to show some pictures of some of the things we´ve done so far. It´s to hot to go outside today anyway. Would you believe that? I´m sitting in my parents kitchen and feel like melting. I didn´t see that coming after the weather we´ve had for the past weeks.
I want to start the picture madness with some of my favorite objects at the Cultural History Museum.

Prehistoric pendant made from amber. About 8cm long. I´d wear that!

prehistoric needle with bird

Medieval unicorn on the blade a sword. (Yay, unicorns!)

Drying and perming tools from the 20s to 50s.

Please consider this my outfit post for the day ;)

1920s mans hair salon and barber shop interior.

Sadly my cameras battery died before we left so I can´t share with you the beauty of a 1970s teenagers room in East Germany yet. I took some crappy pictures with my phone, maybe I´ll upload them later. I also can´t share the delicious soft serve I had that day. Cherry-Vanilla. But here´s what I had the next day:

Elder-Vanilla, presented by the Mr.
Sooooo tasty! It´s by far the best soft serve shop I know. To bad (or maybe luckily) I only have the chance to enjoy their creations once a year. But then I do so excessively :)


  1. Hot temperatures and ice cream...perfect combination! You might also like this blog award:-)

    1. Thank you so much!! :) I´ll take care of that later.