Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flea market sunday

The first sunday of the month often times is the best of them all. Why? Because it´s my flea market day. So was today. I spent quite some money (compared to the last months) and am really pleased with what I got.

wickerpurse, 3€
seamed stockings and Raymond, 1€ each
I paid 3€ for the green, 2€ for the yellow one.
3€, needs cleaning and reshaping.
scarf, 1€
The picture is horrible and it doesn´t even look special on the hanger,
but when I put it on at home I instantly fell in love. It´s sparkly and the
full skirt makes me all giggly ;)
It´s green, it´s velvet, the pictures don´t do it justice.
I paid 17,50€ for both dresses altogether.
What I didn´t buy was a beautiful pair of blue and white 30s pumps in rather sad condition. The leather was partly tattered so they weren´t wearable anymore. (They problably wouldn´t have fitted anyways). I also didn´t buy a pair of 40s snake pumps in acceptable condition. They would have been wearable with a bit of love given to them. And I didn´t buy the most fabulous 40s hat I have ever seen on a flea market. It was black and white gingham with lacy trimming and looked like something out of an old hollywood movie. But it was out of my budget (although not expensive at 15€). What I had hoped to find are pattern magazines, but I haven´t seen any on a flea market for months...

On friday I treated myself with another purchase. I bought a huge vintage photo album full of pictures dating from the 20s to the 50s. I started scanning the whole thing yesterday (I´m not nearly done) and am uploading most pictures on a tumblr I created for my found photographs. It´s called "back then photographed" and is a sister to my vintage illustration tumblr. Maybe you´d like to take a look into the life of Ria, as the albums owner was called.


  1. What great finds! Im off to check out your Tumblr now!

  2. Oh yay what great finds! Love the green dress the most, but the black one is gorgeous as well. And those tights are alway nice to run into :)