Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming with Tom & Jerry

This was supposed to be a Fabulous Fashion post featuring Marika Rökk but, lucky as I am, my computer completely crashed once again and everything except my job related files is gone. Screenshots, scans, just everything. So for now I´ll leave you with a little treasure to match the sunny weather: Esther Williams swimming with my all time favorite cartoon duo, Tom and Jerry.


  1. ooooh no, I'm sorry to hear about your computer wiping all you files thats horrible! Love the Tom & Jerry Clip, Ester Williams is soo Glamourous and Graceful! x

    1. Yeah, it especially annoys me that most of the free knitting instructions I had collected from the web over the past months are gone. I literally had hundreds of them on my harddrive but couldn´t rescue them. Luckily I managed to save all the files I need for earning money :)