Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frauenhilfe 9/1949

Among all the vintage crafting magazines, "Frauenhilfe" is one of my favorites. I´m not sure why, I think it´s a mix of the outfits they show and the magazine layout. They don´t pop up as often as other vintage knitting magazines but it´s easier to make a bargain. Just the other week I got 12(!) complete issues from 1948/1949 for 1€+5€ shipping. Best bargain in months! Here´s one of them, including one knitting instruction and a few crocheting patterns. I hope you enjoy :)


  1. Seite 17 "Birkel Maccaroni" :-)

  2. Die "Jumper" sind entzückend, vor allem der gestreifte hat's mir angetan. Danke fürs Teilen.