Monday, May 7, 2012

For him, for her, for free

Brilliant title, right? ;) I love when people share vintage knitting patterns online for free. And when I found this in my mail on saturday I knew I had to share some of the patterns with you. The booklet contains 140 instructions for sweaters, accessories, dresses (fabulous dresses!) and jackets. So in the future there might be more free vintage knitting goodness coming.

Huge scan, so you can print it :)
You have to make a real size copy of the pattern first.
Each square is 2x2cm in size, the x stand for casting on
If you need any help translating the instructions, feel free to ask!


  1. Veeeery cool! Danke für's Teilen. Von wann ist das Heft? Ich schätze mal 50er, oder?

    1. Gerne gerne :) Im Heft steht leider nirgendwo ne Jahreszahl, aber wenn ich die Lizenznummer richtig entschlüsselt habe, ist es sogar noch von 1949.