Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back from a long weekend

Sorry for my lack of posting, I was busy sewing and planning for our weekend trip. We were invited to the confirmation of Mr. Yetis cousin and I had planned to wear something handmade. So I´ve been going through magazines, tracing patterns and making muslins for weeks just to end up wearing something I already had in my closet. There wasn´t enough fabric in my stash for the dress I had wanted to make. Epic Fail.
We started on Friday, 3 am, and arrived near Hamburg around 10 am. If you ever have a whole day for shopping you might want to check out the shop Kleidermarkt (Max-Brauer-Allee 174, Hamburg). I only had about 1,5h and only checked out the cheap dresses. They only make about 5 or 10% of the whole stock! It was amazing. They have everything from clothes to shoes to hats, all from the 40s to 90s. I went home with 2 dresses for 5€ each.

I think this might be from the 70s but looks perfectly fine for earlier decades. I have to give it a gentle re-dye as the colour´s faded. Pictures of the second one in action are below.
On Saturday we made a trip to Buxtehude. The town´s really nice, old architecture, maritime flair and all. The weather wasn´t that nice at all. Rather cold, windy and rainy once in a while.

Here´s the second dress. And my party face. I have to improve my modeling.

It´s got short sleeves
On Sunday we dressed up all fancy for the confirmation. It was even colder than the days before and I was glad I took my heavy coat with me. Although I felt a bit overdressed compared to some.

Duck face on purpose, the Mr.s looked even sillier!
dress: Orsay
necklace: vintage
shoes: Deichmann
coat: vintage

We came back home yesterday evening after 4 days of uncomfortable sleeping, massive in-laws-overload and way to much food. I was welcomed by a little package in front of my door that contained the cutest vintage pumps. I was so excited that they had finally arrived. Turns out they are to narrow :( I´ll show them in my next post as I´ll sell them to someone who can actually wear them.


  1. Hey! Du hättest mir sagen sollen, dass du in Hamburg warst! Wir hätten einen Kaffee zusammen trinken können oder so. Ich war nie in diesem Kleidermann, ich werde vorbeigehen!

  2. Love your sweet yellow dress, perfect for summer! And your coat, oh my!