Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Around the interweb

Yesterday I found some interesting things that I thought I´d share with you. They are all about DIY and especially nice for people who are on a budget (like me, sigh).

The first one is a link that takes you to an online archive of "Les dimanches de la femme", a french womens magazine that includes fashion and (here comes the interesting part) crafting. Some magazines contain small pattern schemes for dresses (that I don´t understand yet), some knitting instructions and some tell you how to make your own hats. And that is quite awesome, me thinks!

Next I wanted to show you a series of videos I found on youtube, on the channel of Threadbanger:

1. How to make your own felt beret.

2. How to make your own body form. (Dear Mr. Yeti, I´m sorry but you´ll have to cover me in tape soon... I´ll do it and then show the results.)

3. How to make hat molds. OMG I so want to try this! But first I need to find a hat I can do this to...

That´s it for now, I hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. ooooh what fabulous links you have found!! I especially love the felted beret it looks almost easy to do...almost:)

  2. Oooh, I love the Les Dimanches link, thanks!!

    I've made a 'me' dummy - wear an old, hip length, tight t-shirt, get covered in clingfilm and then use plaster 'modrock' bandages (used for broken limbs), that you wet and wrap the body in and wait for them to dry, it worked really well!