Sunday, March 25, 2012

What to do when you hair´s a mess?

As my hair colour is still a mix of dark blond, washed out black and vomit green, I don´t feel much like setting and styling it. It would probably look silly. Not to mention that I botched my bettie bangs the other day and now have to wait until they grow a bit longer to style them properly again.
But I had to come up with something for today as we were having lunch and cake over at the in-laws to be. I wanted to hide as much hair as possible but didn´t feel like wearing a beret so I tried something I´ve had in mind for some time now: the turban.

And here´s what it looked like on my head:

The scarf belongs to Mr. Yeti but he didn´t even know it exists ;). To make it look a little more fancy, I added the brooch I already wore in my last outfit post. The slacks are also the same as last time. But the sweater´s different! I bought it at Orsay last year. Mr. Yeti took the outfit pictures and because he´s so funny my face looks strange in all of them. You know, the face you make when you are about to laugh or smile but try to resist? Yeah, that´s me on every photo. Here´s the best I could find:

Let me also mention that I lost 3kg over the last weeks just by reducing my food intake. Now if I would do sports regularly I´d finally fulfil Mission 10kg I talked about last year (ahem)... I also do chin gymnastics (more on that another time) and I think it already improved a bit. Yippie!!

I´m afraid it was all useless as there was lots of delicious cake (made for my special needs) and chocolate today ;)

What about you, do you wear a turban once in a while?

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  1. The turban looks gorgeous, really stylish, and the bird brooch is perfect with it. I've wanted to buy a vintage jersey turban for ages, but have yet to get around to it and I doubt I could manage to wrap one with a scarf that would look as good as yours.

    Well done on losing 3kg :-)