Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cigarettes et bas nylons

Today I want to to introduce to you the movie "Cigarettes & nylons" ("Cigarettes et bas nylons"), a little french treasure I stumbled upon last friday. I don´t want to spoil it, so here´s just a short summary: In 1944 three women - Jeannette (Adélaïde Leroux), Marie-Thérèse (Salomé Stévenin) and Mireille (Mélodie Richard) - along with many other young french ladies are marrying american soldiers. They get to know each other on their way to becoming Americans in an american army camp where they are tought the american way of live, the language and the national anthem. Very soon they have to face the cultural differences between both countries (the female american soldiers heavily criticize the lack of discipline among the french women) and some of them even start doubting their decision. In the end not all women leave for America, and not all who do end up happy in their new home country. But each of them grabs life by the horns and makes the best out of it.
My personal favorite has to be Mireille. She´s probably not the kind of woman I´d be friends with in real life, because she can be bitchy at times, but she´s smart, loyal with her friends, enjoys life and the reason why she married her husband is because he makes her laugh.

The movie doesn´t only tell a convincing story (without the artificial drama you see in so many movies) but also offers wonderful fashion and hair inspirations:


Jeannette and Marie-Thérèse, source
Jeannettes wedding

Marie-Thérèse with her son, Mireille on the right

One of the tragic characters. I love how she wears her turban.

I´ve gotta try that technique. Might be more comfortable than
pin curls.

Please excuse the quality of the last pictures, I had to make screenshots from the online video because there are nearly no pictures around the web.
You can watch it only on ARTE, but it´s only in german and I don´t know how long it´ll be online. But maybe you want to take a closer look anyways and then you´ll get all excited and need to find the DVD ;).

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  1. Oh!!!! I watch on french ARTE and it was really great... It's a part of our french history but I had no idea about how french girls just married with GI went to the USA.
    The end was a bit weird.