Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ahoy, Sailor!

Believe it or not, this is an outfit post. The 2nd one ever on this blog.
Today I had an appointment at the local adult education center that turned out to be a total waste of time. It was supposed to be about my "competence profile" and I had expected that they would maybe show me new opportunities in my branch (the letter said it would take about 90 minutes!) or other branches I didn´t think of yet. Well, I had to bring all my credentials and a CV that lists everything from early school years to recent activities, if possible under specification of months. I did it all, I even did research about the months and made a standard CV, something I´d never do if I applied for a job in the design field (basically because noone cares...). And what happened? That woman copied my CV, deleted my whole school career and most student jobs I had ("...because it´s not important." Then why did you need a fully detailed CV???), "improved" the structure by starting with the most recent job (Because that´s how it´s done nowadays, mkay?) and then told me she´d send it to the jobs employment agency. They´d contact me if they had something interesting for me, jobwise. The whole thing didn´t even take 30 minutes and I cannot help myself but think that this was basically for people who aren´t smart enough to write their own CV and not, as written in the letter, for people who are self employed or interested in a career change (which would imply that you already managed to successfully write a CV once). Seriously, I should have drawn a picture for self promotion instead...
Ok, anyways, here´s what I wore:

shirt: Orsay
sailorpants: Promod
brogues: Deichmann
brooche: vintage
ring: vintage

Please applaud the guy who lived in this apartment
before us and left behind the ugly decorative battens!

I really need to dye my hair but I´m not sure what to do. I thought about going all green but it means so much work and so much money because, no matter how careful I am, green isn´t the longest lasting of all unnatural hair colours. So I´m torn between two options:

1. Dye everything black but the bangs. I´ve had that for years and pretty much liked it. Also, it´s not much work and I can easily change the colour if I feel like going pink or something. It looks good with bettie bangs, too. See this lady for proof.
2. This. It´s pretty cool and looks better with a ponytail than option 1 but requires more dye and I´m not as flexible when it comes to switching colours (because of the heavy bleaching involved).

And before I forget, Happy Womens Day! Look what Mr. Yeti brought home for me as a gift (not because it´s Womens Day, he didn´t know that, but just because he knew I´d like it):

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  1. Du siehst ja soo schön aus...! Ich würde so gerne eine solche Hose tragen können...!