Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even more hats

It seems like there is an inofficial hat week going on in vintage blogging land, which I love. So I´ll do my part once again and share with you: hats! It was flea market sunday today, so I grabbed two friends and faced the siberian winter. It´s so cold it hurt and I had sausage fingers (extremely swollen) when I returned home. I pity everyone of you living in the eastern parts of Europe! There where two things I planned not to buy: hats and yarn. What did I buy? Right, hats and yarn.
There were only few sellers due to the weather but we all went home satisfied I think. (My friend Moni bought the loveliest butter dish ever. A 50s piece in light blue and cool design. Couldn´t find anything similar on google.) I´m not so sure what to do with the hats but I couldn´t leave them behind anyway. We´re in the carnival season over here and somehow I felt like I had to rescue them from silly women that want to use them for a ridiculous costume. Mr. Yeti and I are invited to a confirmation in April, maybe I can use one of them. I don´t know. I guess I have a problem. But then again, I could have bought a lot more hats today, so it can´t be that bad. After all I´m still able to make reasonable decisions.

Late 50s, early 60s, maybe?

My first thought when seeing myself with this
in the mirror was "Hey, 70s pimp!" I find it awkward
how the end of the feathers points towards the front
but its obviously supoosed to be that way. Could
it pass as a 40s hat in some way?

I got 6 of these for 2€ all together! Can´t beat that.

Funky nail polish to match hair AND lipstick. I´m so clever!

Above you see what I basically wore to fight the cold. Gloves are not pictured. Under the scarf I wear - another scarf. Copying onions by wearing layers. (But as you know, Ogers have layers, too!) The hat I bought in the summer of 2010 (on the same flea market) and didn´t wear it once until the Mr.s concert yesterday evening. When I bought it I had just watched "Charade" with Audrey Hepburn and fallen in love with her leopard hat (mostly because of its leopardness, not its coneheadness).

via fanpop
Mine is all fake fur plush, obviously, but perfectly warm for the mean weather.

And, finally, I wanted to say "Hi!" to all my new followers, "Thank you for still reading this stuff!" to my long-time followers and another "Thank you!" for your lovely comments regarding my new hair and eyebrows. I´m glad you like them :)


  1. Wow what wonderful hats Just love the Audrey leopard one especially! Your hair,nails and lipstick combo is just too cool!! x

  2. Yeah, that's really a funky look & cool & charming... nice...!!!