Saturday, February 4, 2012


Tadaaa! My friend Kiki, who once was a hairdresser, came over on thursday to have a cup of tea, eat muffins and to cut mine and my Mr.s hair.

They were delicious. I used a recipe I found on
The Rockabilly Girl Next Door and added some vanilla.
I love that girls bangs, btw.

Me in all my glasses-less glory.
Just wanted to check if my eyes really look
smaller with glasses. Well, they do...booh!
Click here for le shirt.

At first I felt like I made a huge mistake as I didn´t have a straightening iron and the natural curl made them look terribly short and wrong. So I did some shopping yesterday, bought the cheapest iron I could find, did some extra chopping to make them rounder and am now a happy happy girl. I love them. I also love my now green eyebrows. I bought different green eye cosmetics that slightly match my hair color as it changes (aka fades) with every washing. The one I´m using here is a big pen of green carnival make up made by the organic brand alverde. It´s perfect right now.
But I feel like I´m now the least vintage of all the vintage bloggers out there :)


  1. Fololowed you over from the Fedora Lounge. I think you look wonderful, and I love your green highlights. You still look every bit vintage! :)

  2. LOVE the green eyebrows! The new fringe looks great.


  3. I LOVE your hair! The green highlights look amazing :)