Friday, January 6, 2012

What I´m knitting

Some time ago, around Halloween to be exact, I stumbled across a skull bone knitting chart over at A pile of sheep and decided that I had to use it for something. I thought about a nice vintage cardigan with the skull on the back but couldn´t find a pattern in my size. So I went for this thing:

It´s exactly my size, easy to knit (I hope, never knitted a sweater before) and I don´t have the pattern for the err...wonderful? embroidery anyway. That´s what I´ve got so far:

Also on my to-do-list is this sweet little thing. The blanket, I mean:

Not vintage, but very classic I think. Right now I´m not sure if I really understood the instructions but I´ll start tomorrow and see what happens. As soon as I found everything out this should be a quick knit.

So much to do :). Are you knitting something at the moment?

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  1. Can't wait to see the sweater when your done! I'm currently working on designing a new knitting pattern for a hat, and I may start knitting the "3-hour sweater" soon too :)