Monday, January 23, 2012

Thinking about hair

Today I was supposed to have a date with a potential client it was cancelled just in the morning. Of course I started to prepare myself yesterday to get some nice hair.  So, to not scare anyone away who hasn´t seen me before and plans on working with me I thought about a less dramatic hair do. After all the green dye is irritating enough, even in the creative field. I had seen this youtube tutorial on some blogs and thought that I could do something similar with pincurls:

Well, I was wrong. It looked nothing like her hair. I did 3 barrel curls on top and one row of flat pin curls all facing in the same direction. What I got was something like a page boy, a look I really like on other but that looks strange on me, I think. But I got a really nice bumper bang. I ended up with wearing a bouncy, voluminous ponytail with it that I really like.

Something I´ve been thinking about for some time now is Bettie bangs. I like the look but till now I shy away from it because I feel that it could become horribly clichée combined with the green and the plugs and the shirts I wear when I´m lazy (see pictures above). Also: What if I want to wear an authentic hat? Will it look silly? What about asymmetric hairdos? What about the natural wave I have? Oh my... I tried to immitate something like a Bettie bang to see what it would look like:

I´m not sure, no no. I kinda like this but it doesn´t look like betties so I think it doesn´t really give a good idea. But I like the excentric look of this lady I showed you earlier on this blog, the combination of straight bangs and curly everything else:

I need some reasonable opinions...

Oh, and something else. I´m still experimenting around with my eyebrows. I´m a natural dark blonde and my eyebrows show, so I´m searching for ways to get them dark, matching the dye. I´ve been using pencils so far but that´s not the perfect solution. Today I just used mascara and was surprised what a difference it makes. Is there anything similar like mascara for eyebrows you ladies could recommend?

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  1. The bouncy ponytail looks great! Most of the time my experiments do not look like the shown looks on youtube ;-)
    Never tried mascara for eyebrows, but usually I use a pencil and a bit of hair mousse to fix it. Mousse also adds a shiny effect on the brows :-)