Monday, January 16, 2012

How the mysterious hunchback becomes Frankensteins creature

Some time ago I bought the mysterious chubby hunchback dress of which I assumed it might have been a maternity dress. I mostly bought it because of the so so beautiful buckle as I´m absolutely no fan of velvet. You can see every little fluff and I feel like it pronounces my boobsters in a ridiculous way. But over the last week I put it on to see what it´d look like if it fit, decided that it was worth a try, checked the seams and buttons and stuff and came to the conclusion that someone with much worse sewing skills than mine altered the whole waist area. So, somebody gained some weight, huh? No really, that´s not a big problem. It only becomes a problem when you mess up a nice dress because of it, lady!
I seriously think about resizing it to my own proportions but I´m not sure where to start. The good thing is that the shoulders and chest area fit perfectly. But I think I´ll have to separate the skirt from the bodice to make this thing work. You know what the lazy me has to say about that? Blargh!

Meanwhile, here´s the dress "before":
I grabbed all the excess fabric around the waist for this picture, but you can´t tell how much it is. The tips of my thumbs kinda mark my waist and my fists are completely filled with black velvet. (Sounds romantic, but it scares me.)

I already moved the buttons back to their original positions inside
the perfect yellow circles. Don´t tell anyone I´m a designer, ok? ;)

Altered seams and what looks to me like belatedly added belt loops.

The collar is attached to the dress on one side, one closes it with
press buttons. It was sewn on totally wonky.

Sleeve detail. I´ll leave it like that.

Shoulder pad

I <3 that thing!

The butcher strikes back!
Maybe some of the more experienced sewing ladies have some good advice on how to start or if there´s something I have to think of when working with velvet?

I´m off to watch " The lady from Shanghai" :) now.

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  1. Ooh, this could be really lovely! Detach the skirt, take in the side seams on the bodice waist until it fits, maybe making darts bigger too if there is that much fabric, then measure to work out how much to reduce the skirt sections... is the skirt gathered at the waist or does it have darts? I don't think it would be too challenging to alter, yet I have MANY dresses waiting to be altered, with less needed to be done to make them wearable and I can never face doing it either!