Thursday, December 1, 2011

I now collect people

I´ve been a lazy blogger lately. Life keeps me busy, so does knitting. I´m trying to use every free minute I have to knit my scarf that is by now 2/3 done. Luckily winter´s still far away at the moment. But today I took a few minutes to scan some of the photos I bought the other day. I bought 8 pictures, some of them I will use for postcard illustrations (don´t worry, no vintage pictures will be harmed in the process of illustrating!), the other ones I´ll show you right now:

"Long before Jeff D., Lana tried to make a living
as a ventriloquist. Her puppet on the other hand
was a bit shy."

Sept. 1941
Not sure about the triangles on this dress...

The back says "1x Ausschnitt P.K." Maybe she
wanted to give it to her sweetheart? I´ve got
another picture of her saying that her name is

a) the dress, b)the garden scenery, c)Awwww!

I really enjoy looking at snapshots of funny or fashionable strangers so I´ll have to look for more in the future. Other things I bought recently:

Fabric, buttons, a little tin for my needles and a picture of a woman that I think was called Gertrud. I also got two 30s pattern magazines that are full of awesome things. And, oh my god I never thought the day would come, I just ordered a pair of Freddies of Pinewood "Classic". A christmas present by the Mr.s grandma. So excited! I hope they fit and look wowie on my chubby little flatbutt ;).

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