Thursday, October 20, 2011

Window shopping, hair and a little gift

As I´m nearly broke at the moment I didn´t do any shopping during the last two weeks or so. But I met with a friend the other day just for some chatting and looking through shops I rarely go to anymore. Said friend brought me a gift from her trip to Austria. Just a very small piece, but totally cute:

We then went to check out H&M were I saw this big fake fur jacket that reminded me of pictures if the 40s. I was never a fan of the boxy-all-fur-look, but I put it on. Let´s just say we had a good laugh, ok? I felt like Sasquatch.


Later we entered Pimkie. I cannot remember if I ever bought something there. I guess not. But that day I stumbled upon a jacket I fell in love with. Just a little bit. This one:


I´m not conviced of the belt, without that it´s absolutely lovely. The price (46€) is way more than I´m willing to pay for something that was produced for the price of a sandwich, though. Maybe I´m lucky and I will get one on sale one day? I think it would look great with a pair of wide pants and brogues.

Talking about wide pants, do you already know this great tumblr: Giant pants of the '30s?

Also, talking about brogues, I treated myself with a pair of new heeled brogues earlier this month and didn´t share them yet:


Possibly the most comfortable heels I own and Mr. Yetis grandma commented on them as follows:
"I had a pair just like that back then. They were wonderful." I´m gonna replace the laces with silk ribbons as soon as I´ve got some money left.

And now, after all the wonderful polished pictures, be prepared for a mobile phone quality hair photo:

I had to learn that my hair needs at least 10 hours to set properly, or else it looks like that. I rescued it with a front roll thing and some more pinning on the sides.

Right now I´m looking forward to the vintage design flea market on the 6th of November, so I guess I won´t be spending any money till then. Well, maybe one or two cheap pattern magazines on ebay ;)

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