Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No shopping? Yeah, right...

Let´s just forget what I said last time, ok? I just wanted to take a look. How could I know they got new old stuff? Right, I couldn´t. And I couldn´t risk leaving it all in the shop. So I did what I had to do: Buy it! 8€ all together.

50s fit, yellow, awesome.

This one needs a good dye job.

It´s a shawl. But I´ve seen carpets smaller
than this thing. Please note the closet and boxes
to get an idea of the size.

I think they are cranes.
 I also bought 3 skirts that looked all blah in the photos and a piece I´d like to call "the mysterious chubby hunchback dress". I don´t know what happened to this one and I can´t date it properly. For a second I thought it was a maternity dress or something, but then again that didn´t make to much sense either. Here´s the problem:

It fits around the bust and the shoulders. The waist is waaaaaay to large and the belt that comes with the dress is even larger than the waist of the dress. It´s dangling around. On the other hand, the straps for the belt are just below the bust. WTF? Maybe I´ll manage to make a picture of me wearing it tomorrow.
The shoulder pads are huge and make me believe it´s from the 40s. So do the little press buttons everywhere and especially the belt. On the other hand I´m not sure when plastic buttons popped up in Germany.

Any ideas, anyone?


  1. Great finds!
    My first thought was maternity too...or maybe it was a evening coat before and someone tried to change it?

  2. Hm, I didn´t think about a coat before. I had a look at the seams and right now I´m quite convinced that at least the velvet part of the dress is pre-50s. I think I´m gonna resize it. Or better: Have it resized by someone. I wouldn´t even know where to start.