Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mein Alles 21/1937

Today I found something lovely in my mailbox...and instantly ruined the cover. Yay clumsy me! I feel horribly bad about it as the picture was nice and in such a good condition. Oh well. Anyways, this one is a german magazine from 1937, so I don´t feel too comfortable sharing most of the content, but I wanted to show you the fashion it contains. And the best part of it is, that all the outfits shown are contained in the pattern that comes with it. And it even has more clothes on the pattern than the magazine shows. I´m so happy I won this on ebay as it is my first 30s magazine and was a real bargain. I was the only bidder for it.

I feel so bad about that...

The magazine comes with an insurance that will pay in case of a death
by accident or just bad injuries and on the bottom you can check how
much other peoples relatives were paid after the persons death and how
the person had died. Quite...interesting.

While scanning I noticed an interesting credit for the
photography: Yva. She was a jewish photographer living and
working in Berlin and was killed in a concentration camp
in 1942(?).You can read something about her on  this blog.
If you are interested in a translation of the knitting instructions
don´t hesitate to ask.

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