Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knitting, blah!

Just the other day I realised that I don´t have a matching scarf for my new coat. So I grabbed all my magazines and tried to find something nice and quick, as I had another scarf for Mister Yeti flying around that takes way to much time to do. This is what I ended up with:

taken from Frauenhilfe 12/1950

I decided to go for the one on the bottom as it looks quite simple to make without being boring. Now for the yarn. I thought that black would be best to match the coat and the hats I already own, but I had to realize that I don´t have anything close to that. Instead I went with a white yarn I originally bought for a summer sweater. So far it looks like this:

I´m happy with how it looks, I also like the colour, but who came up with the idea of knitting a scarf with a 2.5mm needle? It would be ok if I had started this one in summer but in October? I´m a sloooooow knitter and I feel a bit stressed now, thinking that winter´s just around the corner.
Also, there is this other scarf, that slowly kills me:

My first knitting project. Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of my experiment. Full of mistakes and made of two different shades of blue because I suddenly realised that I don´t have enough of the yarn I started with. I have to say that I got nearly all my yarn from my m-i-l´s huge collection and when I  first started this one I was totally convinced that I have enough yarn for it. Little did I know that brioche stitch would need so much yarn... And then, suddenly, something strange happened. I don´t know how I did it, I didn´t even notice until a few days later:

What the...? Seriously, I slowly start hating this project. It takes forever, it looks all messy and once in a while I´m tempted to unravel it and knit some stockinette stitch scarf where nothing can go wrong. Only the time I already spent on it and the Yeti (who doesn´t seem to care about the mistakes) keep me from doing that. But one thing is for sure: I´m gonna dye this whole thing black as soon as it´s finished!

I´m off to do some more satisfying illustration work and hope everyone´s having a nice day :).


  1. I feel your pain! I am a seriously slow knitter, I love vintage patterns but hate the small needles:( I am sure the white scarf is going to be stunning love the stitch pattern!x

  2. I feel your pain too! I started sewing a summer blouse in august...well...I don´t really understand the instruction, this is my version of your scarf project ;-)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I talked to my m-i-l yesterday and she agreed that it would be better to unravel this thing and start something else as a substitute. And that´s what I´m gonna do, as I´m feeling worse and worse about it and want the mister to wear a great piece of knitting, not that "thing".