Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it autumn yet?

I wonder what´s going on with the weather. Shouldn´t it be a bit colder? Maybe? I wish it was as I nearly melt under my berets right now. But never minding the weather I took care of my autumn/winter-wardrobe during the last week and bought myself a lovely coat I´ve been drooling over for quite a few months now:

It´s vintage, I´d guess 70s from the label, with an awesome fake fur collar that´s stiff enough to be turned into a stand-up collar if nessecary. It´s in nearly perfect condition and I got it for 26€! I was such a happy girl when I took this one home. Maybe I´ll change the buttons as they are a bit too much bling for my taste.
I also got the following:

The picture doesn´t show but they are a
lovely dark red. 1€
This is the matching skirt to the"spacy" jacket
I bought earlier. I was pretty excited to find it.
1€ as well.
I also bought a bit of fabric for a blouse I want to make. I´ve had an eye on it for some time now as I thought it would go well with a 50s design:

But sadly I still couldn´t figure out what´s wrong with my sewing monster machine. I gave it a good dose of oil, changed needles, experimented with yarn tension but all I get is this:

yellow = top yarn, blue = lower thread.
The top yarn is ripped constantly and the machine seems to eat it. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

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  1. Lovely coat!!

    And sorry I can't be much help with your sewing machine :( Mine is always having issues but normally it's just due to the thread becoming tangled somewhere inside the machine. Re-threading normally fixes all my issues.