Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fritz Langs "Die Nibelungen"

Thanks to the french-german TV station ARTE you can watch a completely restored version of the silent movie classic "Die Nibelungen" (1924) by Fritz Lang online. It was aired yesterday and will be available online for 7(!) days. The settings and costumes are breathtaking and it even has some nice special effects considering its age.

Click here for Part I: Siegfried. You´ll find a link to the second part on the right side of the arte homepage.

I for my part am gonna watch it tonight as I was too tired to watch both parts from spending a whole day at a theme park yesterday. More on that as soon as I get some of the pictures that were taken.

Also I wonder if any of you have or had problems with commenting other peoples posts on blogspot? I do and feel sorry for not commenting on anyones blogs at the moment.

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