Sunday, September 4, 2011

This sunday is hatday

It´s been flea market sunday again and it seems that I´ll need a proper storage solution for my growing hat collection sooner or later. So far I´ve been hanging them on the wall mostly. Also, why is it that all my hats are either black or navy? I wish I´d come across a green one once. But alll in all I can´t complain, I made some nice finds:

The magazines were 3€ together, both from 1953 incl. sewing patterns,
the book´s from 1934 and cost 2€.

Well, it´s not green, but brown´s not that bad
either. Needs some major love before it´s
wearable again, though. Cost me 4€.

It´s my party face, woooh! 8€ for that hat.

Detail of the above.

The inside needs to be fixed but I couldn´t resist.
It makes me feel so noir-ish. But maybe that´s because
I´m reading Chandler at the moment. Cost me 7€.

Bow detail.

"Polly needs a cake. A whole cake!" 2€
You cannot tell by the pictures, as todays weather was horribly humid, but yesterday I tried to cut myself a middy following these instructions by C-Dot. I´m still not sure wether I did a good job or not, as both my pincurl sets turned out rather messy. I have to change my standard setting pattern it seems. Or maybe I have to shorten the back a little more? i´ll experiment with it.
Also I bought another hat a few days ago but was to lazy to photograph and upload it. Et quelle surprise, it´s blue!

I hope you ladies had a fantastic weekend!

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