Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cool critter

Seems like I´ve been a bit lazy the last weeks but there´s not much going on at the vintage front right now. Instead I want to show you a little present Mr. Yeti gave me a few weeks ago:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a horseshoe crab. I have a deep passion for all kinds of strange animals, I even wrote my bachelor thesis about several outstanding species and the horseshoe crab was one of the first I researched. In the end it didn´t make it into the book but it´s one of my favorites.
I also have a really big passion for taxidermy which the Yeti doens´t share at all. He finds it rather creepy and a bit strange that someone can enjoy a dead animal like that. I can´t even explain why I´m faszinated by it, I already was as a little kid when nearly everything scared the crap out of me. (Fun fact, my younger cousin is now working as a taxidermist once in a while. Must be in the family ;)) Nonetheless he thought of me when he found this in his parents house while they were moving to another place. It once belonged to his grandmothers last husband. He had found it at the Oyster Bay, as the little paper says.
According to the Yeti, this gentleman had several relicts of animals such as skulls etc. He was an artist with, that´s what they say, much knowledge about art history and an overall intelligent and interesting person. I wish I had met him.

I have to reattach his legs.

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