Thursday, August 4, 2011

Work in progress

I already mentioned my first sewing project a few posts ago. A blouse after a pattern from 1956. Not exactly my year, but the whole piece looked rather simple and finishable for a bloody beginner. The pattern is taken out of "Beyers Handarbeit und Wäsche 5/1956":

The fabric is out of my mothers collection and I already owned a blouse made of it as a little kid. Good things last, I´d say. I even have enough of the fabric left for a second blouse. I´m thinking of a 40s style with poofy short sleeves. I still need to find some cute vintage buttons to go with it. I want light pink ones like the dots.

Right now I´m having some trouble with the collar. It doesn´t look as rounded as in the reference picture and I don´t really know what I´m doing wrong. I followed the pattern and all but still... I also need to finish all the seems, add buttons and button holes. Oh, and I must lose a few kilos to fit in, but that´s fine with me.

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  1. great work! I looove the fabric, very pretty! Good luck with finishing it! It's always good to have an incentive for weightloss ;) (I'm working on that too).