Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That strange jacket

Hurray, it´s an outfit post. Mr. Yeti said the following thing about the jacket: "It´s strange. It reminds me of 70s science fiction movies with space stations." And I love it just because of that, although I´d rather say 60s. Thatswhy I wouldn´t wear it with a complete matching vintage outfit.   So, we had to get our pictures taken for those super sci-fi biometric passports, which means "No hair in your face!" for me. I chose my favorite updo with a ponytail. Nothing to fancy. And after that I went a bit shopping at a thrift store. Purchases will be shown tomorrow.

Jacket: Vintage
Jeans: Orsay
Gloves: Vintage
Handbag: Vintage
Shoes: no name ripp-off

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