Friday, August 5, 2011

Mission 10kg

As I mentioned yesterday, I need to loose weight. I really have to. Until 2006 I weighed 73kg at 1.65m. Then my histamine intolerance had its big breakthrough and I lost 10kg within two months. So four years ago I was somewhere around 62kg . I felt that was a good weight as you couldn´t see much bone structure but I had a very nice waist and especially more dominant facial features than now. Talking about cheek bones and jaw lines. During the last year I gained everything I had lost and, during my holiday, even two bonus kilos. Thatswhy diet starts today! The goal is to loose 10kg until this Christmas. That´s a bit more than 4 months and should be possible. What I´m gonna do is doing more work out as far as possible (those familiar with histamine intolerance know that it can be difficult sometimes) and especially eat less chocolate. Evil, evil, tasty chocolate. I shouldn´t even be able to eat you!

So, hopefully around Christmas I´m gonna look like a vintage version of this:

I took this picture in August ´07 (obviously pre-vintage) to check my outfit for a little job interview (I wanted to give the whole "from dish washer to millionaire" a try. It didn´t work. I had to go on studying.) and right now I´m seriously thinking about printing it and sticking it to my candy drawer and the fridge... Please note my lovely male shoulders!

In other news I´m going to buy myself a new camera today, something of a better quality, so the pictures in this blog won´t be as crappy anymore.


  1. Good luck! I'm working on the same goal right now! Although, two years ago I weighed 20 kg less than now!! a combination of unhappy events, antidepressants and comfort eating basically made me blow up like a balloon... My current strategy is to cut out carbs for 6 days per week, with one day off to eat what I want! This week I've lost 2kg, so it works! Lina x

  2. You go Katrin I have been rather unsuccessfully trying to take off a few pounds myself (ok down 7 pounds but holding at that). Lina Sofia fabulous idea, my problem is that my days are very unstructured right now and as much as I enjoy it I tend to snack more.

  3. Good luck,Katrin!
    I have to loose some extra kilos,too. Wacken is over, so I can leave the junkfood now and go back to healthier things :-)
    Fingers crossed for everyone!