Thursday, August 11, 2011

The mighty return of Brockenhaus

A "Brockenhaus" is nothing but a thrift shop, but I like the name. I went there on tuesday as I figured I hadn´t been there for some months and hoped for maybe a pair of new old gloves. They always have tons of them, you just have to find a matching pair in all the boxes. I came home with more than planned, but that was ok for me :)

And another pair of sunglasses. Must be
the bad weather.

The beret collection is growing, too.
 So, right now I´m seriously thinking about getting myself some contact lenses for sunny days, as I have 3 pairs of vintage sunglasses and would have to get prescription glasses for every single pair. And then there´s always the risk that they are damaged when exchanging the glasses, that I´m not really willing to take. My eye-sight on the other hand is close to that of a naked mole rat, which makes lenses quite expensive, my eyes are super sensitive AND I look really strange when I take my glasses of. Damn you, pros and cons!

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  1. I know just what you mean. I feel I look really odd without glasses, but am thinking about contacts for the same reason about sunglasses. I have vintage glasses and vintage sunglasses, but would like to vary my sunglasses more often than my wallet can take!