Thursday, August 4, 2011

I think I need a second closet

I went to my new favorite vintage shop two days ago because I wanted to buy a blouse I had to leave behind the other day. Well, I got it. And about 15 other items too. They must have gotten a new delivery just that day. What I paid? 14€. For the whole thing. It´s like christmas, birthday and easter all at once. Most of these, especially the skirts, don´t have labels and seem to be tailor made. Please excuse the shabby pictures.

That´s the blouse.

The colour looks horrible and it has a stain near
the last button. I´m gonna re-dye it and see what
happens. I only bought it because it came with...

...this brooche. Right now I´m trying to get off
all the paint.

Most possibly from the 90s or even later.
Hello new favorite dress!
This little jacket looks insane when worn with
dark leather gloves. I feel kinda High Fashion
in it. It´s closed with a zipper on the back.

It has a tiny little hole, nothing I couldn´t fix.

Lovely pocket detail.

Strange face, nice asymmetric hat.
The feathers have to be renewed.

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