Saturday, August 6, 2011

Go there, it´s beautiful

This is gonna be about the town I introduced before, Stralsund. If you should ever think about making a trip to Germany and don´t wanna go with the masses, go there. The town was founded in 1234 (yes, really!) and that´s not only damn cool but also a very own "vintage" level. Many of the medieval and baroque buildings have survived through the centuries and part of the town is now a UNESCO World heritage site. For a little excursion into history check Wikipedia.
Stralsund´s full of historic flair and lovely dusty kitsch with a maritime flair. It has everything but mountains. Let´s see some pictures!

It´s got a harbour! Sometimes even the
swedish queen parks her yacht here.
And I don´t even make that up.

One of the oldest pubs in Europe, first mentioned in 1332.

A cog.

If you need some antique furnite or a
really old bike, that´s the place to go.

Inside the Holy-Spirit-Cloister. These are
appartments. Want!

Also inside the cloister.

The house in which the discoverer of
oxygen, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, was born.

Inside the church St. Marien. Between 1625 and 1647 it was
the highest building in the world. You can walk up the

I thought it was funny how he is looking out of the window.

"He said WHAT?"

The macabre kid in me loves this church!

It really does.

Just in case your car is a bit older, that would be your
garage of choice.

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