Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flea market sunday

Today I went to the huge flea market only a few minutes away from our home. I got up early just to make sure I don´t miss out on the best finds. How disappointed was I when I arrived and had to realize that there were only half as much sellers as usually. And the stuff they sold was mostly out of my price range. I´m a bargain hunter, I love people who think that the old stuff has no worth. Apart from some vintage DIY-material for my illustration business I bought extremely cute vintage buttons for the blouse I´m working on, a handbag and a pair of sunglasses that are more of a fun buy as the quality is not the best (you know, just in case I´ll have a beach wear photo shoot one day...hahahaahahaa, yeah right. But I´m prepared!). I hope you don´t mind me showing some pictures.

My hair before I stepped out of the door.
Didn´t look like that for to long as it was
rather windy outside. Dress and brooch
are both vintage.

Ha, looks better than in real life. Maybe
someone can help me date this little monster?

My hair was a mess, sorry.

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