Sunday, July 31, 2011

There´s always something to do

Some days ago I started my first sewing project, a blouse after a vintage pattern from 1956. I still need to do attach the collar, make the button holes and get some buttons. I already know that it´s a bit to small, but that´s ok. It´s my motivation to lose the weight I gained during the last 2 years.
Yesterday we visited my grandparents and here comes the vintage part: My grandma was a seamstress and still sews once in a while. I asked her if she had any buttons or fabrics she wanted to get rid of and she gave me two boxes and a bag. I didn´t find any buttons for the blouse but a lot of other very nice things. Thanks, grandma!

I see two blouses, a circle skirt and a 40s dress.

Because clear would be to easy. Just an example
of what the patterns in the magazines I upload
look like. Somewhere there is a beach blouse I plan
on doing.

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